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In the rapidly changing digital landscape, the ability to leverage data is synonymous with corporate agility, innovation, and gaining a competitive edge. At Intellica, we understand the paramount importance of this endeavor, and we are unwaveringly committed to helping your organization unlock its full data potential. Serving as a guiding light in the data technologies realm, our range of services is both comprehensive and cutting-edge, solidifying our role as your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of data-related subjects.

Our Services

Elevate Your Data Journey to Next Level with Intellica, The Game Changer of Data

Our Services

Providing technologies that drive industries:We are the "Game Changers" of data

Our Expertise

Providing a harmonised and consistent data environment by facilitating the consolidation of data from different sources.

Data Integration

Upgrading your existing data infrastructure to world standards and increase functionality and performance.

Data Structure Modernization and Optimization

Designing and building integrated architectures tailored to align with your unique organizational needs.

Data Warehouse Design and Implementation

Data Warehouse

Ensuring smooth, secure and efficient data migration and maintain data integrity throughout the process.

Data Migration

Ensuring the accuracy, integrity and relevance of data, securing decision-making and improving efficiency in business processes.

Data Quality

Providing synchronised and accurate information in your decision-making and operational processes by trusted data flow between systems.

Data Consistency

Data Management

Your Path to Definite Sucess

Embark on a transformative journey with Intellica. Our extensive experience and steadfast expertise not only ensure top-tier projects but also elevate your business intelligence. Propel your organization towards definite success and growth with Intellica as your trusted guide in the multifaceted world of data. Join us, and together, let's build a future that is data-driven and resolute.

Your Vision, Our Expertise – Let Intellica Illuminate Your Data Pathway.

Our Services

Technical Assessments

We delve into the core of your data systems, evaluating competence and maturity to spotlight strengths and pinpoint ripe areas for enhancement, ensuring alignment with industry best practices and your strategic objectives.

Solution Partnership

As Intellica, we offer our data expertise to our business partners with our services and solutions. As your reliable solution partner with our continuous support and strategic consultancy services, we stand by you to achieve your operational and competitive goals. 

Ecosystem Management

We undertake subcontractor and/or main sponsor roles in the field of data warehouse technologies. We manage resources with our expert staff and strengthen the ecosystem with our competent project teams.

End to End Data Projects

At Intellica, we transform your data end-to-end; we ensure that you move smoothly through all phases of setup, re-engineering, data migration and adaptation, and in situations that require source system changes. We design your modernisation processes and data infrastructures in line with your goals to bring them to the level of the most advanced technologies.

Data Modal Consultancy

With our expertise in data modelling, we build your data warehouse on solid foundations. We tailor data models to meet your unique business needs and goals, going beyond standard solutions.

Data Architecture Consultancy

We craft success blueprints. Our data architecture consultancy ensures your data warehouse is built on a foundation of robust, scalable, and efficient infrastructure, ready to meet today's needs and tomorrow's challenges.

Managed Services

Operational excellence is more than a promise at Intellica, it is a competence we have demonstrated time and time again. With our managed services, we meet your expectations and the highest standards of performance and reliability under the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Data Analytics and Visualisation

Transforming data into actionable insights is an art we've mastered. We design reporting systems that not only narrate your data's story but empower your decision-making process.

Maintenance and Support

Ensuring the seamless operation of your data systems is our forte. We specialize in meticulous maintenance and steadfast support, guaranteeing your systems operate optimally and remain in tune with your evolving business needs.

Data Warehouse Yol Haritası

"Getting Started (The Necessity of Transformation)"

In a digitalizing world, organizations find themselves perched atop a data mountain in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This mountain holds untapped potential insights and opportunities. To make a difference, organizations must first shed their old business models. Once stalwart and efficient, traditional data warehouses are now inadequate in today's fast-paced world. Modern data processing and analysis operate on an entirely different level. The question you should be asking yourself isn't 'Should I undergo data transformation?' but rather 'How soon can I embark on this transformation?' The answer is, there's no better time than now for transformation.


Reaching the Summit (Implementation, Performance Tuning, and Testing)

Implementation: We ensure seamless integration with existing systems and processes by deploying the new data infrastructure.
Performance Tuning: Optimizing the data warehouse for peak performance, we ensure fast, accurate data processing, and analytic solutions.
Testing: Rigorously testing the system for performance, security, and functionality, we ensure it meets our high standards.


Restarting Anew (Launch and Beyond)

Launch: We finalize the transformation and initiate the transition to the new data warehouse.
Training and Support: Ensuring optimal system utilization, we provide necessary training and support to employees.
Monitoring and Maintenance: We continuously monitor the data warehouse to ensure it operates efficiently, securely, and at peak performance. Regular maintenance is performed as needed.


Setting the Course (Assessment and Planning)

In the initial phase of transformation, we conduct a comprehensive examination of the existing data warehouse infrastructure. Identifying bottlenecks, outdated technologies, and segments lacking scalability and adaptability. Leveraging reverse engineering approach, we trace active reports, analyses, and dashboards back to their origins - whether within the company or in the cloud - all the way to source systems. This allows us to identify the fundamental data to be transferred to the data warehouse. With the insights gained here, we draw up a roadmap, laying the foundations for a state-of-the-art, efficient, and scalable data warehouse.


Embarking on the Journey (Selection, Migration, and Transformation)

Selection: At the onset of the transformation, we identify the most suitable technologies, tools, and platforms aligned with the objectives of the organization. This ensures a seamless and efficient transformation process. Depending on the preferences and legal obligations of the organization, we evaluate all options, from traditional on-premise solutions to cloud-based alternatives.
Migration: We transfer data from the old system to the new one comprehensively and accurately, ensuring data integrity and consistency.
Transformation: We implement all necessary structural changes to align the warehouse with the latest data warehouse technologies and best practices. We meticulously apply data model development and optimizations.


Looking to the Horizon (Evaluation and Future Planning)

Assessment: We thoroughly evaluate the performance, efficiency, and return on investment of the new data warehouse.
Future Planning: To meet evolving needs, we plan future upgrades, expansions, and optimizations for the data warehouse.


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Business Intelligence and Analytic

Augmenting data warehouse capabilities, enabling more advanced, efficient and personalised data management and analytics.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Empower your data experience by fostering intuitive interaction and unlocking insights through visually captivating representations.

Data Visualization

Through flexible layered structures, we ensure that analyses becomes understandable, accessible and usable for various analytical and business needs.

Advanced Analytics

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