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We learn by teaching and grow as we share.

Training future leaders of data technologies
for 11 years






Join us in stepping into the future and becoming a part of Intellica's world, where knowledge and experience converge!

About Intellica Academy

Intellica Academy has been at the forefront of cultivating the future leaders in data technologies for 11 years! Through a successful fusion of knowledge and hands-on experience, Intellica Academy plays a leading role in university-industry collaboration. Our Summer and Winter Camps, conducted in partnership with Intellica's on-site R&D center, offer a tailored educational experience designed to groom the next generation of data leaders.

Graduates of our camps, who kick-start their professional journey at Intellica, earn a well-deserved certificate upon completion. Becoming part of the thriving Intellica family, our graduates contribute to and benefit from an environment of continuous learning and growth.

Intellica Academy extends its impact beyond the camps through applied workshops, where students transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills. At Intellica Academy, we live by the principles of "learning by teaching" and "growing by sharing," ensuring that our graduates, who build long-lasting careers at Intellica, pass on their expertise to new generations through a mentorship model.

Ready to transform your life through the power of data?
Enroll in the 3-week Intellica Academy Camp

Intellica  Camp Program

1. Module - Foundations
and Data Modeling

  • We'll start by delving into the foundations of the data world.

  • In the first week, you'll learn data modeling concepts and create data models inspired by real-world projects, tackling data integration.

3. Module - Data Visualisation

  • You will discover how data is transformed into valuable insights in the business world.

  • Enhancing your skills in data presentation, reporting and visualisation.

2. Module - Data Processing
and ETL Development

  • You will learn the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes necessary to understand and process your data.

  • Optimizing data flows with practical examples, you'll enhance your data processing skills.

  • Opportunity to learn through real-world projects for
    practical insights

  • Basic and advanced knowledge in data technologies

  • Attain a competitive advantage in the business world

  • Enhance your practical skills through workshop sessions


  • Applications will be prioritized for 4th-year undergraduate, master's, or doctoral students, as well as graduates with up to 1 year of experience.


We would like to thank our universities for accelerating new graduates to step into the business world for more than 10 years and beening a part of Intellica Academy. We are happy to see you among us in this programme, where you enable us to build bridges with industry professionals by transferring practical knowledge and experience to your students.

Collaborating with Universities

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I have been working at Intellica for eight years and it is very special for me to take part in the camp program I once attended as a student and now as an instructor. I believe that Intellica Academy offers an excellent opportunity for those who are just starting their career.

Emre Usta

Business Intelligence Team Lead

Our annual camp program for new graduates opens the doors of the business world. In this program, which focuses on data warehousing, business intelligence and software development, we offer a wide range of information from concepts to hands-on training. With experienced instructors and career opportunities, we provide you with an exciting start to the business world.

Turgay Burgaz

Business Intelligence Team Lead

The camp that I attended in 2023 was a turning point for my Intellica experience. I was most impressed by the intimate atmosphere of the camp and the sincerity with which the trainers responded to my every question. I think that the business intelligence training I received laid a solid foundation for the first steps of my career. In addition to the training, the friendships I made here and the chance to meet experienced people from the industry make Intellica Academy unforgettable.

Berkay Boz

Business Intelligence Consultant

We are here to answer
any questions you may have!

  • Applications from 4th-year undergraduate, master's, or doctoral students, as well as graduates with up to 1 year of experience, will be prioritized in the evaluation process.

  • Our training program lasts around 3 weeks. It varies according to the new program to be opened. 

  • Our training program is offered free of charge to new graduates. 

  • Apart from the application form, your graduation certificate and resume, if any, should be attached. 

  • We have the possibility to offer internship, part-time or full-time job opportunities in our company to graduates who successfully complete the training. However, this is not guaranteed. 

  • Our trainings take place at Intellica Ataşehir office. 

  • Our training covers topics such as transferring business world experiences, putting them into practice through concrete examples, and gaining the ability to produce solutions to sectoral problems. 

  • We evaluate the applications of everyone who applies for the training. However, since our quota is limited, we cannot accept all applicants. 

  • Yes, participants who successfully complete the training program receive a certificate. 

  • During the training, accommodation is provided for the participants with their own means. 

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